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A Wonderfully Colorful Cake to Celebrate Summer!

So, I made a cake because I have been having some MAD cake cravings as of late.

However… I AM ALSO ON A DIET!!! D:  So, I made a diet cake!

Recipe: Cake = 2 boxes white cake mix, 6 egg whites, 2 cups raspberry sugar free seltzer. Frosting = 1 cup skim milk, 3 tubs fat free whipped topping, 3 packets of white chocolate flavored fat free sugar free pudding mix.  Rainbows = Gel food color.  Topping=peaches, strawberries, 1 pizzelle…

Oh, did I mention my cake is a rainbow?

Also, I made a makeshift cake stand because I don’t own one… a pizza pan, Al foil, and the can from which I extracted my peaches…

I had to bake 5 cakes because I only have one pan… x_X

Then the best part: frosting and decorating!